Stokes Model 511

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The Stokes Model 511 is ideally suited for research and development, pilot, batch runs, and small production. This press offers "hands on" experience for interpreting material characteristics relating to flowability, compressibility and ejection criteria. It has operated within universities and in-plant laboratories for over the past 100 years.

Quick and Easy Setups:

The full size hinged front panel and removable hopper allow unobstructed access for tool installation and press adjustment.

Positive Pull Down

Accurate repositioning of the lower stationary punch is accomplished immediately after the compact ejects from the die.

Standard Variable Speed Drive

Press speeds can be adjusted to suit operational requirements.

Force Monitoring

Compression and die force monitoring is available.

EnhanceD Die Table

The newly designed stainless steel die table helps contain scraped off powder so product yields are greatly improved; an excellent feature when running expensive products.

Technical specifications

Production Rate (compacts/minute)40-75
Maximum Tablet Diameter1/2
Maximum Depth of Fill7/16
Maximum Operating Pressures (tons)1-1/2
Machine Height (in.)26-1/2
Floor Space (in.)24 x 24
Net Weight (lbs)275
Service Requirements110 volt, Single Phase, 60Hz


10 ton, Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts B and D tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 25 mm

10 ton, Double sided or Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts 328 type tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 30 mm

120,000 Capsules/Hour
16 Count Tooling

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