Tablet Press Retrofittable Control System Upgrade

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CCS customized their standard CS-1000 programming to take full advantage of all functions that are utilized on the Fette 3090 and 2090 including the removable turret function which, with one button, the press automatically moves rolls into position so the turret can be removed. The CS-1000 control system also provides force monitoring, automatic weight control, tablet rejection and tablet sampling. A calibration page was added to the system so all positions on the press can be calibrated in one step.

Design Features

The CS-1000 control system incorporates all off-the-shelf components lowering the total cost of ownership of the tablet press by making the system easy to maintain while simplifying the sourcing of parts.

The CS-1000 control system has been designed with the latest technology that results in a system that is easy to operate and maintain. Utilizing Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC and GE Proficy’s iFix software interface the system provides complete control of the tablet press. The system complies with 21 CFR Part 11 for data collection and E-Signature.


  • Use of non-proprietary, off-the-shelf components allowing for high-reliability and low-cost replacement parts
  • User friendly operator interface requires less operator training
  • Graphic user interface allows operator to multi-task
  • Data from multiple tablet presses can be transmitted to a server via Ethernet
  • System includes mass divert, good, rejects and sampling
  • Reports can be customized and exported via XL reporter
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 for Electronic Signature and Data Collection
  • New connectors to the back panel of the tablet press are organized and clearly marked.
  • All components required for a single sided tablet press can be neatly arranged in one cabinet.
  • The Fette pull-out drawer will be cleaned, fixed and completely rewired.
  • The wall mount HMI containing industrial keyboard and mouse reduces floor space required in production room. Other HMI configurations are also available.
  • Maintenance screen displays information for the ten position motors/encoders, the N and P stops for each position and time probes status.
  • Convenient Calibration Screen.
  • With the touch of a button the press automatically moves rolls into position so the turret can be removed.
  • Forces/station key displays the peak force generated at each tool station relative to the Target Value, the Reject Limits and the Shutdown Limits.
  • Updated each revolution
  • Alarm summary with automatic shutdown and warning features
  • Alarm keys, when pressed, displays the alarm condition for the press and process function


10 ton, Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts B and D tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 25 mm

10 ton, Double sided or Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts 328 type tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 30 mm

120,000 Capsules/Hour
16 Count Tooling

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