We also offer a wide range of specialized products

Vacuum Capsule Loader

The CCS Index Vacuum Capsule Loader conveys up to 7000 empty capsules per minute to your Capsule Filling machine.

Vacuum Powder Loader

The VPL-600 Vacuum Powder Loader rapidly conveys powder from bulk storage containers to the hopper on your press or encapsulation machine.

Custom Frames for Powder Feeding 

CCS will design and manufacture custom structures and Y powder feeders to meet the requirements of your tablet press or capsule filler and production room.

Tablet Deduster

The Stokes Model 623 Tablet Deduster produces a cleaner product than conventional tablet…

Tablet Hardness Tester

Tablets compacted on any tablet press from a single granulation may vary in weight and/or thickness…


Punches and dies constitute the key element of the tabletting process. They impact the final appearance…

3rd Party Equipment

CCS often works with 3rd party equipment suppliers to provide complete integrated solutions…

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