CS-400 Level 2

Customized State-of-the-Art Controls Systems

Use INDEX' Standard CS-400 programming to take full advantage of monitoring and controlling basic functions on all models of Index Encapsulation Equipment or adapt the CS-400 Control System to any Encapsulation Machine made by any vendor.
The CS-400 control system incorporates all off-the-shelf Allen Bradley components, lowering the total cost of ownership of the Capsule Filler or control system upgrade. This makes the system easy to maintain while simplifying the sourcing of replacement electrical components.
This control system has been designed with the latest technology, using Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLCs, Power Flex 525 Motor Drives and a FactoryTalk PanelView HMI interface. The system provides complete control of the Encapsulation Machine.

Design Features

  • Graphic Operation Settings Displays to include the following: Rates, Timers, Counters, Selector Switches and Alarm Details
  • Individual Control of Main and Feeder Speeds
  • Internal Vacuum Pump for Capsule Separation
  • Multiple Security Levels (Maintenance, Supervisor and Operator) these are customizable
  • Alarm Summary Screen with Warning and Shutdown features
  • Audit Trail Screen with audit history log
  • All major components used are Allen Bradley (HMI, PLC, Motor Starters and VFD Drives)
  • Safety PLC and Non Contact Door Interlocks by ABB
  • Remote JOG (2 Hand Control)
  • Emergency Stops 2
  • Remote Monitoring and Troubleshooting of PLC and HMI via VPN Web portal
  • All programming software and documentation are included


10 ton, Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts IPT B and D type tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 25 mm

10 ton, Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts B and D tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 25 mm

10 ton, Double sided or Single sided with pre-compression, Accepts 328 type tooling, Maximum tablet diameter is 30 mm

120,000 Capsules/Hour
16 Count Tooling

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